Sports and Activities


Val di Cornia is one of the greenest areas of Tuscany, which is why hiking is one of our favorite activities! Villa Sant'Anna, being in the heart of this region, is a great starting point to reach the most evocative places of the area.

Contact us, and we'll suggest you some unforgettable hike trails

Horse riding

The walks absorted in nature, the perfumes that attract our senses, the colors that flash our eyes... There is nothing more beautiful! So what a great idea to be accompanied by special friends !!


Thanks to a wide variety of shapes in the landscape, including hilly areas, plains, meadows and high-altitude routes in the trees, Val di Cornia is the perfect space to practice cycling routes at all levels, from beginner to expert passing for the amateur and the average person trained.

Motorcycle Excursions

Wonderful roads, amazing views, mild climate: the perfect receipe for a motorcycle excursion!

Villa Sant'Anna is often the starting point for exploring new avenues and living new adventures thanks to the tips that the owners can give you!

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